Artist Background and Statement

A regional upbringing in Cowra, NSW and university schooled in Wagga Wagga I was eventually drawn to city life in Sydney. Gaining experience in the graphic design industry then led to adventures further afield in Chicago, USA and Singapore. I learned, adapted and loved each new environment. Working as a graphic designer, raising a family, and travelling were my primary focus.

2015 saw the start of a new phase of my life… returning to my home I felt drawn to use this transition back into Australian life as inspiration for a move back to my first love of making art. This journey of experimentation, using paint and watercolour to depict the landscape and new horizons is how I have reconnected with my home and those that live within it. Simplicity in making marks, working spontaneously to capture that ‘aha’ moment, striving to capture the changing nature of light and shade, depth and atmosphere.

2016 brought opportunities to share my art, both at home in the Blue Mountains and in the Sydney area. Its been an exciting journey which has been well received through art sales, a finalist award and further commissions. I am looking to extend my art practice by making new connections with art galleries and the creative community and further experimentation by attending workshops and collaborating with other artists.