Sit, Look, Listen

A collaboration with artist Coleen English-Thomas

Braemar Gallery, Springwood NSW April 15th – May 9th 2021

When Coleen and I set out for weekly drawing in Glenbrook National Park in 2019, our weekly goal was to turn up, sit, look and listen, with art materials in hand ready to capture and interpret the landscape… if we felt like it.

There wasn’t any pressure to create finished pieces, and even after being accepted for a 2020 exhibition space there was still no pressure. If we didn’t feel like drawing, we would just sit and sip tea and soak everything in. Quite often grabbing a stick and pot of ink was the perfect way to ease into drawing, without thinking too much and sometimes talking too much. Our drawings and artworks arrived naturally, without force and overthinking.

These selected pieces give a glimpse of the time that we treasured, visiting our favourite place, appreciating every little moment and view…sitting, looking, listening, chatting, laughing, drawing, sipping tea, making marks with ink, paint, charcoal and pastel and supporting each other through 2020 and into a fresh new year. ­

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